Multiples discs trays

Double PUSH DVD trays

Réf. MIP: 2822771

MOQ: 4256pcs/pallet

Thin Double novatray dvd trays thick. 4.8mm

Réf. MIP: 2822627

MOQ: 7280pcs/pallet

Thick double Novatray DVD trays thick. 7mm

Réf. MIP: 2822493

MOQ: 4928 pcs/pallet

Triple Novatray DVD trays

Réf. MIP: 2822495

MOQ: 4816 pcs/pallet

Triple Push DVD trays

Réf. MIP: 2822456

MOQ: 2520 pcs/pallet

Stack 3 discs trays

Réf. MIP: 2822307

MOQ: 3640 pcs/pallet

Our Multiples DVD trays are exclusively dedicated to the packaging of DVD discs. MIP declines  sont exclusivement destinés à conditionner des disques DVD. MIP assume no liability for another use than the one indicated above.

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